fredag 25 juli 2014

In the light of Internet of Things and OpenIDM

I am a hug fan of hotels that meet my standard of living and during ForgeRock's recent IRM Summit in Phoenix, AZ i spent some time aligning ForgeRocks OpenIDM with a rather interesting use-case that could benefit a lot of hotels.

Imagine showing up late at the Waldorf=Astoria Biltmore Hotel straight from a 18 hour journey from across the pond, with no real ambition on queuing to get checked in and all sorted out, what would be more convenient than having your hotel room information texted to your cellphone the moment you land and your NFC enabled smartphone already set up to let you in to your room for a quick shower and instantanteous relaxation?

With OpenIDM, supporting this type of use-case is easy and was in fact demonstrated at the summit using a combination of a lock that opens and locks based on the credentials set up on your smartphone. Provisioning user account information along with devices and things is easy in the RESTful world that we are seeing happening infront of our eyes and Gemalto provides this type of cloud service.

Make sure to check out this video that demonstrates the use and explains the details. 

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